A road to inspiration and beautiful new supplies

I will be away until the end of February and I will close my shop for those weeks. I am going back to the place that changed my life, my whole self, my path. Before, I used to live the “normal” 9-5 office life, with great income and career, with all one could wish for in […]

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What´s the news

Finally I am catching up on uploading the new collections. By now you can see the new available bracelets here:   I know that these past weeks I have not been the most active… I have been busy partly working on new jewelry, custom orders and selling on craft fairs.   Besides the actual knotting […]

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Welcome to my world!

Let me thank you for your visit to my brand new website. Here is the space where you will find projects and pieces in progress, extra information about how these macrame pieces happen, and peeks into what I do when-not-making-macrame. I hope you will like what you see and that you will stay with me […]

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