Hi, I am Bea, the maker of these macrame pieces. I would like to share a little bit of my history with you so that you can understand more my jewelry as well.


I was born in beautiful Hungary and lived there for the first 25 years of my life. After a sudden impulse I flew off to the East and I set foot on Asia for the first time. That first year proved to be a magical, life changing experience for me. Afterwards started my 5-year long travel around the world, where I immersed myself in many cultures and lifestyles, I learned various crafts and trades. After such a journey I arrived to Tenerife, and since I have stayed. This island has its power over me with all it’s volcanic base, unique life and incredible culture. Here I have been having the time and opportunity to focus on making macrame jewelry, one of my greatest passions and love on Earth.


I tie many little knots to create shape and pattern. I struggle to develop new techniques and patterns in each piece, so that you can be sure that the jewelry you buy is; and will be unique and not copied. I do add little tweaks so that my pieces aren’t easy to reproduce.

To do this I need time and tranquility. I work with no rush and in a good mood, to let imagination take me over. 99% of my pieces are improvisations, I hardly ever work with designs and plans – although I like to do that too, so please share any ideas you might have, that you wanted me to make for you : )

As I work carefully and very securely, I know my pieces are durable, and hence I offer you a lifetime guarantee. Macrame jewelry can be really high quality if it’s well made, so if you treat your pieces with care, they will be with you for life.


I work with the highest quality semi-precious stones, I do not compromise quality by the price. I almost exclusively use grooved gemstones. Why grooved? Because the framing of a grooved stone results in the gem standing out from the piece rather than sitting in. And so the beauty of the crystals are amplified thanks to this setting. It is not easy to come across grooved stones, so I have invested in the equipment to work stones and learned how to groove them. A very new achievement that I am very happy about.


I only use the highest quality Brazilian waxed cords, that the original Latin-American artists use who created the art of macrame jewelry making. This material doesn’t fade, fray or break – if you handle your jewelry with care.


I send all my pieces gift-wrapped so that you can have that special feeling of awe when you open your present, or gift it to a loved one straight away. I make the packs partially by hand, from different materials from different parts of the world.


I make sure to waste as little as possible, and to reuse material for packaging or for other purposes. Whenever I can, I use recycled materials, and acquire working materials locally. I optimize post packaging to use as little as possible.


I donate 10% of my sales to charities whom I got to know during my travels.
http://www.agualinda.org/ .
I volunteered here for a couple of months in Colombia: It is a beautiful personal initiative to create a loving home for people with special needs in a country where this need is enormous.
Is dedicated to the cause of Cystic Fibrosis. I have met and got to know these wonderful people and just started to be active in their fund and awareness raising recently.

Enjoy going through my shop and contact me freely with anything,
With lots of love,