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I will be away until the end of February and I will close my shop for those weeks.
I am going back to the place that changed my life, my whole self, my path.
Before, I used to live the “normal” 9-5 office life, with great income and career, with all one could wish for in this crazy European world. I had good education (I am an economist on paper), job, career, money, future, 40 pairs of high-heels with matching bags. Hair and make-up done everyday.
I had it all figured out. Or so it seemed. It’s true I didn’t have time for my family or friends. Or for myself. Not a moment to give a second thought to what I was doing.
And so one day I woke up and realized something was not right. So I applied for an art scholarship in Indonesia and God knows how, I got it.
Living one year in a third-world, tropical, Islamic country really put my values back into place. It opened up my senses, my heart, my being to life. I learned to live basic (meaning without gas or electricity or even water at times, sleeping on the floor with no mat whatsoever). I sometimes ate as little as a plate of rice a day. I learned a little bit of how it might be to live like one of the 80% of Earth’s population, those whom we call poor. We say they live in poverty.
What I learned that it is true they don’t have much. No fridge, no phone, no table, no bed, no sofa, no work, and very little food.
But what they do have is what many of us miss. The joy of life. The expertise in existing without further ado. The appreciation of the moments spent together, of a smile, of support and being there. Community.
In the daily life and running a business I tend to forget to live according to these values. I sometimes feel drained. If it wouldn´t bother me enough for my own sake, I surely find that it hurts me not be able to give as much energy, support and light to others as I would like to. Hence the decision that I am going back to the place where I have found my light, where I became myself. I
 am setting off on this journey of reflection, hoping to find new resources within and without.

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Thank you for your being with me and for all your support!

With lots of love,